Divorce attorneys for women – how to resolve child custody disputes

divorce attorneys for women

Women have always been in the majority in the number of divorce attorneys. As a generalization, however, only half of divorce petitions filed today are from women. This may be due to social stereotypes or simple statistics over time. If you are a woman and would like to see an increase in your opportunities for obtaining a divorce, then it is your responsibility to educate yourself on the procedures involved and the various options available to you as a woman. With this information, you will be more likely to succeed in your attempt to gain custody of your child or children, or even to strike a joint financial deal with your husband to support the children as well as yourself.

One thing that most people do not realize about divorce attorneys for women is that they have more rights than their male counterparts. Women have the right to be considered for custody and the right to make important decisions about the children and their welfare. As a female, you also have the right to be financially supported while fighting a divorce case. In fact, the law provides that children who receive financial support from both parents will share equally in the children’s welfare regardless of which parent they have a relationship with.

Many parents feel that they do not have rights related to their children after a divorce. While it is true that women are often physically abused more than men, there are also many instances where both women and men are abusive and the mother is the sole breadwinner of the family. Women do have a higher rate of filing for divorce because of domestic abuse, but there are also many instances where the father was abusive but the mother initiated the divorce.

In some instances, mothers may try to impede the divorce proceedings in order to retain contact with the father. They may claim that the abuse took place before the marriage, or the mother may simply claim that the father abused her when she was pregnant. The court will not stop the divorce proceedings based on these allegations. It will determine if abuse occurred and how it may have impacted the children.

Another concern that many mothers have is the right to see their children after a divorce. This is often the case with single fathers because they do not have joint legal custody. When children are involved in a divorce case and one parent is attempting to retain contact with the children, it can be a difficult situation for the mother. Courts have found in the past that children do benefit from the continued presence of both parents even if they are not being raised together.

There are other concerns that mothers may have as well. They may be concerned that a divorce will affect their social lives or friendships with their children or friends. Divorce attorneys for women can help address these issues. For example, many social services offices have programs to assist those going through a divorce. These professionals may be able to help the mother retain her job, keep active in their children’s lives, and find new friends. They may even be able to help the mother locate support services for herself if she is financially vulnerable.

A final concern that some mothers have is the possibility that a judge will award alimony to the husband. This can be a sensitive subject for some women and divorce attorneys for women can often help them make this decision. The courts look at the awarded alimony as another form of payment. They consider it an attempt to equalize the amount of time that the custodial parent spends raising the child. Alimony is generally granted to ensure that the father has enough money to provide for his children.

No matter what the mother’s concerns are, divorce attorneys for women can help her through the process. If a parent is contemplating a divorce, there is no better time than now to begin that process. Mothers may feel particularly vulnerable during this time. Using a professional to help them through the process will not only make the mother feel more secure about herself, but also more prepared for what is ahead.

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