Treatment of overactive bladder in women

The treatment of overactive bladder in women can be difficult for some women. This is a medical condition that affects the way your bladder contracts and releases urine. In some women, the symptoms will only be felt when they urinate. These women will find that they urinate very little when they are not actively urinating.

treatment of overactive bladder in women

Women who have this condition have a problem with overactive bladder. They will have trouble keeping their bladder muscles relaxed during their active periods. Usually, women who have this problem get a sudden urge to urinate and they cannot resist. If this happens to you, try doing Kegel exercises. You can do this by separating your pelvic floor muscles with your thumb and forefinger.

Kegel exercises are good treatments for women who have an overactive bladder. Kegel exercises are designed to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor. They are also used to keep your bladder muscles relaxed. When these muscles are strengthened you can control your bladder better. This is because muscle tone and blood flow to the pelvic floor are improved.

Another way to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles is to urinate slowly. Increasing the pressure you apply to your bladder when you urinate will only cause you to urinate more frequently. It is best to urinate often so that your bladder muscles will learn to contract and release at a slower rate.

You can help your bladder muscles to relax and become strong by using heat on your pelvic floor. Heat can be applied to the area with a heating pad or a hot water bottle. By doing this you can relax the muscles on your pelvis and they will become less overactive. The easiest way to get relief is to lie down and urinate. You should also try to stay in a comfortable position after urinating.

Your doctor will decide if treatment of overactive bladder in women is right for you. However, you should discuss treatment options with your doctor before you attempt to treat yourself. There are many alternative treatments available such as homeopathic remedies. However, it is very important that you work closely with your doctor to ensure that you receive a treatment regimen that is right for you.

In some cases your doctor may decide that your symptoms are too severe for a treatment regime. However, there are a variety of other treatment options available. These include lifestyle changes including diet, exercise, herbal remedies and vitamin supplements.

Treatment of overactive bladder in women can be very effective. However, you need to follow your treatment plan and seek medical help if your symptoms are becoming more acute. Your doctor can provide you with a treatment regimen that will work for you. Although treatment of overactive bladder in women can be very effective, it is also important that you work closely with your medical professional.

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