What you should know about magee womens clinic

A Magee Women’s Clinic is a health care unit dedicated to providing medical and psychological services to women in general. They are located in Strathbogie, Dunmore and Queenstown. This clinic offers various services for both men and women of all ages. It aims at providing high quality healthcare and community service. Some of the common services that they provide are pregnancy check ups, STD tests, breast exams, regular physicals and general check ups.

magee womens clinic

The clinic is fully equipped with full time staff and ancillary services including a pharmacy, cosmetic section, dental services, blood bank and a food service. They also offer a mobile ultrasound machine. The patients are offered personalized care by their friendly and professional staff. The patients are also allowed to make an appointment for a test drive upon signing their consent. They are given proper attention by the staff and the patients are attended to by a registered nurse on call. They also offer special treatments for such conditions as migraine headaches.

The main aim of a Magee women’s clinic is to ensure safety and comfort of the patients at all times. They also offer quality hygiene and medical care by way of a warm, non-intrusive atmosphere. All the patients are encouraged to discuss any queries or problems they may have with the doctor. They are able to ask for help if necessary and the doctors are always available for consultation.

The counselling services offered at the clinic are aimed at providing information, support, education and counselling to all those women who are or have been, pregnant or planning to become pregnant. The counselling is designed to give the women information about healthy eating, exercise, fertility and the possible causes and treatments of breast cancer among other issues. They are also provided with tips and advice on how to maintain and care for their unborn baby. Other information provided by the counselling at the Magee Women’s Clinic include emotional and mental well-being, general health, lifestyle changes, substance abuse and smoking.

The centre also offers post-natal services to women who have given birth. This will be followed by child care by trained professionals. Some of the services that are offered include early detection and follow up, immunizations, labour and delivery services, adoption assistance and postpartum recovery programs. They also offer educational programs to both male and female patients. These educational programs include behaviour modification techniques, stress management and nutritional education. They also provide counselling services to patients who have recently miscarried a child.

If you are looking for a women’s clinic in Dublin which is reputed and offers good quality service, then look no further than Magee. It caters for all your needs and is one of the most popular centres catering for women’s health in the city. It is also known for its comfortable environment and spacious examination rooms.

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