СОР № 2 Английский язык 5 класс Living things

Английский язык - 5 класс, Русский 🇷🇺 1 четверть

Living things


Read the text.

The lion and the mouse

A lion is sleeping in his den. A mouse runs into the lion’s den, jumps on his head and sits on his nose. The lion is angry. He takes the mouse in his strong paw.

“What are you doing, silly mouse?”, roars the lion. “I will eat you”.

The mouse is crying. “Please, don’t eat me.Perhaps one day I can help you”.

The lion laughs when he hears it. How is a little mouse going to help the King of Beasts? However he lets the mouse go.

Some days later the mouse is looking for food in the forest. Suddenly she sees the lion in a big net. The mouse begins to chew the net. She is making big holes in it. And the lion jumps out from the net. He is free.

“There”, says the mouse. “You see how a little mouse can help a lion”.

 Choose the correct answer.

  1. In his den the lion
  2. a) is jumping.       b) is sleeping.      c) is eating.
  3. The lion is going
  4. a) to kill the mouse.       b) to eat the mouse.      c) to play with the mouse.
  5. The mouse
  6. a) is laughing.      b) is running away.       c) is crying.
  7. When the mouse sees the lion in the net she
  8. a) is running away.       b) is laughing.      c) is chewing the net.

Read the sentences and write T for True or F for False sentences.

  1. The lion and the mouse are good friends. ___
  2. The lion kills the mouse. ___
  3. The lion is sleeping in the den. ___
  4. The mouse helps the lion. ___
  5. The lion is free.               ___


1- b