СОР № 2 Английский язык 9 класс Exercise and Sport

Английский язык - 9 класс, Русский 🇷🇺 1 четверть

Exercise and Sport


Write a newspaper article about a sport event.

Think about these questions before you write:
 When did the event take place?
 Where did it take place?
 What made it so memorable for you?
You should
 Write 3 paragraphs including the information mentioned above.
 Give your opinion supported by reasons and / or examples.
 Follow the structure of the newspaper article;
 Use a variety of conjunctions including so that, (in order to) to indicate purpose, causes, results.
 Check your paragraphs using assessment criteria below.
Possible Assessment criteria:
 Content (relevance and development of ideas; coherent arguments supported by reasons and examples)
 Organization (introduction, main body conclusion, linking words, follow the structure of paragraphing).
 Vocabulary and spelling (at least 5 words on the topic).
 Use a variety of conjunctions to indicate purpose, causes, results (example: because, since, as, so that, in order).


The great value of every person is health. To raise a child strong, strong, healthy is the desire of parents and one of the leading tasks facing a preschool institution. The family and kindergarten are the social structures that mainly determine the level of health of the child. Many years of experience shows that a positive result happens when there is interaction and understanding between the family and kindergarten. We must work together to provide the child with psychological comfort, support and love. Perhaps nothing brings parents and children closer together than joint holidays and entertainment. That is why it has become a tradition in our kindergarten to hold a family sports holiday dedicated to the Defender of the Fatherland Day. On Thursday, February 19, participants, fans, and the jury gathered in a beautifully decorated hall to play «Fun Starts» in order to return to childhood for a moment and reduce the «deficit» of positive emotions in children. 3 teams came to the start: «Smeshariki»