СОР № 1 Английский язык 8 класс Our World

Английский язык - 8 класс, Русский 🇷🇺 1 четверть

Our World


Read the texts and fill in missing words. Use a dictionary or digital methods to trace meaning of words which you do not know.

a) teacher b) well-dressed c) pilot d) put on e) volley-ball f) subject g) collect h) concert i) flowerbed j) rap k) sociable l) skiing m) equipment n) football o) smile p) beauty q) useful r) e-mails

My World
Parents Hi! I’m Ella. I’m twelve and I live with my parents in Paris. My father is a 1) __ and my mother is a Math’s 2) __ .We are very friendly. We like to spend our time together. My father’s hobby is 3) __ and we often go to resorts to ski there. It is great especially in summer in the mountains where we enjoy the nature. Nature Do you like nature? Yes? So do I. My mother and I are nature lovers. I like to 7) ___ different unusual leaves and I have several copy- books of them. There are a lot of wonderful trees around us. All you need is to look attentively around you and see their 8) __. Fashion If you look around, you’ll see a lot of 11) __ people. Their clothes are modern. I like fashionable clothes too. I often ask my mother’s advice what to 12) __. My eyes are hazel and my favourite colour is green. Look at me! I have green jeans and blue blouse on. Music

I think people do love music because they go to the 15) __. My father loves classical music and my mom prefers jazz. As for me, my friends and I adore 16) ___. I think it is the music for young people. I can listen it for hours. But my mom and dad don’t like it.

Friends I’m very 4) __ and I have a lot of friends. We like to go somewhere where we can talk and play. All my friend adore 5) __ and we go to the school gym to train there. I’m not a good volley-ball player. I like to watch this game more than to play myself. We also like to watch 6) __ . The boys of our class won the game yesterday. It was great!

Flowers I love all the flowers, they are so beautiful. There is a 9) __ in front of our house. There are a lot of flowers there. My mother and I planted them. I want the people to 10) ___ looking at these flowers. My favourite flowers are daisies, lilies, asters. My mother likes zinnias, dahlias, and petunias. School My school is very big. It is a four-storied building with modern 13) __.Our classes are large and light. Our teachers are talented people. They know many interesting things. My favourite 14) __ is English. We do a lot of things at this lesson. My favou-rite teacher is Mrs. Larson. Computer I do have a computer. It is a very 17) __ thing. You can find a lot of important information there. I like surfing the Internet, finding beautiful places in the world. I dream of visiting these places later. My favourite site is “My World”. I often send 18) __ to my friends.


1. Pilot

2. Teacher

3. Skiing

4. Collect

5. Beauty

6. Well-dressed

7. Put on

8. Concert

9. Rap

10. Sociable

11. Volley-ball

12. Football

13. Flowerbed

14. Smile

15. Equipment

16. Subject

17. Useful

18. E-mails