СОР № 1 Английский язык 8 класс Our World

Английский язык - 8 класс, Русский 🇷🇺 1 четверть

Our World


Listen to the conversation and fill in the gaps.

Diana’s best friend is Naomi. She is also the happiest person Dom knows. She’s also the happiest person Dom knows. Her 1. _______, Eric, is the most boring man Dom’s ever 2. ______ and Charlie thinks he’s got the worst 3.________ ever. Dom’s richest relative is his 4.__________, Harriet. She’s also got the biggest 5._________. The owner of the most popular 6. _________ in town is Rupert. Patrick is Dom’s least favorite 7. _______. He’s 8.________ next birthday and his 9.______ is only 76.

Transcript CHARLIE: Hello, Dom. DOM: Oh, hi, Charlie. Are you enjoying yourself? CHARLIE: Yes, thanks. But I don’t know anyone here apart from you, Jake and Diana. DOM: Well, who do you want to know about? CHARLIE: Who’s the woman in the red dress? DOM: Ah. That’s Naomi. She’s Diana’s best friend from university. CHARLIE: She’s gorgeous. DOM: Yes, she is. And she’s the happiest person I know. CHARLIE: Really? DOM: And she’s married. CHARLIE: Oh. DOM: That’s her husband next to her — the one in the blue suit. His name’s Eric. He’s a colleague of Jake’s. CHARLIE: What’s he like? DOM: Actually, he’s the most boring person I’ve ever met in my life. All he talks about is work, work, work. CHARLIE: And he’s got the worst haircut ever. DOM: Yes, you’re right. I don’t know why she married him. CHARLIE: Who’s he talking to? DOM: Oh, that’s Aunt Harriet. She’s our richest relative. It’s quite sad really — she never got married because she thought men only wanted her for her money. No one knows how much she has, but she’s got the biggest house you’ve ever seen and she lives there on her own. She’s a bit strange. CHARLIE Yes, she looks it. DOM: And the guy talking to my brother is Rupert. He’s Jake’s best friend. Do you know a place called The Bug Bar in Market Street? CHARLIE: Yes, I’ve been there once or twice. DOM: Well, he owns it. Apparently it’s the most popular bar in town at the moment. You have to queue to get in. CHARLIE: Look, someone’s waving at you. DOM: Oh no. He’s my least favourite relative. Hello, Uncle Patrick! How are you? That’s my great-uncle Patrick. He’s 90 next birthday. CHARLIE: Wow! He doesn’t look that old. DOM: Yes, well, he’s married to a much younger woman. She’s only 76! Anyway, come with me and I’ll introduce you to Naomi’s sister. I don’t think she’s married …



)Husband. 2) Aunt harriet 3) house 4) bug bar 6) eire