СОР № 1 Английский язык 8 класс Daily Life and Shopping

Английский язык - 8 класс, Русский 🇷🇺 1 четверть

Daily Life and Shopping


Completes the sentences. Choose the correct answer. It can be more than one answer for the question.

1) Diego says he buys ______. A) more than he should B) just what he needs C) things on sale

2) He tries to _____ traveling. A) save his money for B) shop only when C) do lots of

3) She says her boyfriend ______. A) bought her lots of stuff B) was good at shopping C) knew what he wanted

4) What else does she say about him? A) They were a bad combination. B) He used his credit card too much. C) They were in Austria together.

5) They talk about buying ______ . A) computer goods B) clothes C) furniture

Transcript Silvia: So Diego, you’ve asked me about shopping, but what about you? Diego: I think that now I have to pay for everything myself I’m a much more conservative shopper so I only buy strictly what I need. Silvia: And that’s all. Diego: I think so, yes. Silvia: But do you have anything that you can’t resist not buying? Diego: Well, I try to save most of my money because I like to travel. Instead of going shopping, I try to save as much as I can, and then when I’m traveling, I can do whatever I want and worry less about money, so that’s where … I mean if I have to say like what is the thing I shop the most, I would say it’s trips. Like I spend most of my disposable income in travels. Silvia: That’s weird because you know I had a boyfriend. He loved to shop. He would shop more than I, I think. Diego: Wow! Silvia: Really good at shopping. We would go to a store, and I really take my time and he will just point, like just this, this, this, this. Try it on. And they will fit it and they were nice. Ok. Let’s go. He was an experienced at shopping. What do you think about that? Diego: Well, I think it’s a very bad combination because if you’re a big shopper and he’s a big shopper, you’re a bigger shopper together. Silvia: I know. Actually, everyone used to bother us. We were studying in Austria for two months and every time we went out just to the store to get, I don’t know, milk or whatever, we will end up coming back with bags of stuff. We would just go out for walking around, and every time we ended up with some bag from shopping. Diego: Yeah, and you know, shopping is like a really bad cycle because once you buy something you have to buy another thing, and then another thing, and another thing. Like if you buy a new computer, you need a new mouse, and then you need a new webcam, and the big speakers and so on I think with girls it’s the same thing. Silvia: But with clothes. Diego: Yes, but with clothes. Silvia: We need the bag and the shoes and the belt. Diego: And one thing gives you another excuse to buy another thing. Silvia: Yeah, that happens to me often actually. Diego: OK, so maybe you should stop using your credit cards. Silvia: Yeah, maybe.