СОР № 1 Английский язык 11ОГН класс Making contact

Английский язык - 11ОГН класс, Русский 🇷🇺 1 четверть

Making contact


Speaking about culture shock
The teacher creates a spinner marked into 4 quadrants and labeled “Predict, Explain,Summarize,
Evaluate.” Learners can be divided into two-three groups. After doing the listening task, the
teacher gives the spinners and askslearners to answer the questions based on a position of the
spinner. For example, if the spinner lands in the “Summarize” quadrant, the teacher might say,
“In one sentence express the characteristics of each stage of culture shock.”
Task: Spin the spinner and according to its lying position answer the following questions in a
quadrant. Explain your opinion and comment on others’ answer, where relevant.
Predict: How long do you think each stage can last?
Explain: Can you give details of “humor stage”? What are the characteristics of the second stage of
culture shock? Give two examples of emotions during the first stage.
Summarize: What is culture shock? Who can experience this feeling?
Evaluate: Based on the recording What is author’s intention? What are pros and cons of culture
shock? What are its greatest challenges?


Culture shock is emotional or physical discomfort, disorientation of the individual caused by falling into a different cultural environment, a collision with another culture, an unfamiliar place. The essence of culture shock is the conflict of old and new cultural norms and orientations, old ones inherent in the individual as a representative of the society that he left, and new ones, that is, representing the society in which he arrived. Strictly speaking, culture shock is a conflict of two cultures at the level of individual consciousness. For example, I live in Kazakhstan and I’m used to seeing the same thing every day.If I leave a foreign country, it will not be familiar to me. Even because of this, I get a culture shock. There are many advantages from this, I will see something unusually new, I will develop morally and culturally. But because of the shock state, I can change my mind and stay to live abroad.To be honest, these problems concern all countries. Citizens leave and stay to live anywhere. And their patriotism may disappear.I think these are global problems of the world.