СОР № 1 Английский язык 11ЕМН класс Investigate and report on animal world: bats, eagles, bees and dolphins

Английский язык - 11ЕМН класс, Русский 🇷🇺 1 четверть

Investigate and report on animal world: bats, eagles, bees and dolphins


. Identify how the paragraph is structured.
For yourpractice
1. Read the passage.
2. Find places in the text confirming that the text’s structure (pattern of development) is
Problem and Solution.
Passage 1 — Save the Tigers
Answer: Problem and Solution
Dr. Miller doesn’t want the tigers to vanish. These majestic beasts are disappearing at an alarming
rate. Dr. Miller thinks that we should write to our congress people. If we let them know that we
demand the preservation of this species, maybe we can make a difference. Dr. Miller also thinks
that we should donate to Save the Tigers. Our donations will help to support and empower those
who are fighting the hardest to preserve the tigers. We owe it to our grandchildren to do


Over the past 100 years, there have been 96% fewer tigers in the world: only 4,000 individuals have remained in the wild from the world’s one hundred thousandth population, and only six of the nine subspecies managed to survive the XX century. What do we, residents of megacities, care about tigers in general, what is the danger of their disappearance from the planet and what non-obvious, but elementary habits everyone can start today to help preserve the endangered species.  It is necessary to stop and control forest fires, deforestation, poaching, lack of feed.