СОР № 1 Английский язык 11ЕМН класс Investigate and report on animal world: bats, eagles, bees and dolphins

Английский язык - 11ЕМН класс, Русский 🇷🇺 1 четверть

Investigate and report on animal world: bats, eagles, bees and dolphins


Get familiar with elements for writing Introductory paragraph.
How to Write an Introductory Paragraph to an Essay
An introductory paragraph for an academic essay contains a narrowly-focused thesis statement, and
highlights evidence you will use to argue your thesis. An introduction to an essay is the first and
perhaps only opportunity for a writer to gain a reader’s attention, thus, you must take care to craft
introductory paragraphs that are dynamic, include a thesis, introduce evidence, as well as comply
with academic writing standards.
The introduction to your essay needs to contain the following elements:
 a sentence or two introducing your topic
 a clearly written thesis statement
 a brief summary of evidence that you are going to use to support your argument


  1. Bats are a generalizing name for representatives of the order of bats, with the exception of bats. For a long time, bats were considered as a suborder, until it was shown by karyological and molecular genetic data that this group is paraphyletic: representatives of the superfamily Rhinolophoidea are more related to bats than to other bats. Nevertheless, in Russian-language scientific and popular science literature, the name continues to be used in the same meaning. In fact, representatives of 6 families belonging to Rhinolophoidea and 14 families now united in the suborder Yangochiroptera fall under this name; representatives of fossil families of the order are also called bats, some of which are apparently older than the division of living groups, including bats.
  2. Eagles are a genus of large birds of the hawk family. They nest on the ground, rocks or trees. They feed on small and medium-sized vertebrates (they look out, hovering in the air, or lie in wait, sitting on an elevated place), sometimes carrion. The number is decreasing.
  3. Dolphins are aquatic mammals of the cetacean infraorder, belonging either to the dolphin family — marine, or to the non—taxonomic group of river dolphins — freshwater. They love water and small fish.
  4. Bees are a clade of flying insects from the superfamily Apoidea of the order Hymenoptera, related to wasps and ants. The science of bees is called apiology (apidology).