СОР № 1 Английский язык 7 класс Reading for pleasure

Английский язык - 7 класс, Русский 🇷🇺 3 четверть

Reading for pleasure


Write about the main character in the book you have just read.


  1. well, for example: little red Riding Hood
  2. by: Charles Perrault
  3. The main character: Little Red Riding Hood
  4. Little Red riding hood looked like this: she was small, all year round she wore a red riding hood that her grandmother had given her
  5. how did Little Red Riding Hood act at the beginning of the story: she went to her grandmother to take a gift
  6. Problems: I met a wolf on the way
  7. how little red Riding hood behaved because of the problems: calmly, because she did not know that the wolf was going to her grandmother and wanted to eat her
  8. how little red riding hood solved her problem: She called the hunters
  9. would you have solved the problem differently: yes, you should not have told the wolf where she goes and where her grandmother lives
  10. What lesson did Little Red Riding Hood learn: don’t tell me where you’re going