СОР № 1 Английский язык 7 класс Healthy Habits

Английский язык - 7 класс, Русский 🇷🇺 4 четверть

Healthy Habits


Create a ‘Healthy lifestyle’ poster in pairs. Persuade classmates to take up one of the healthy habits. You should present three reasons of having healthy life style. Use conjunctions because, since, as and others to make a coherent speech.
Prepare 2-minute speech on your poster.

Teacher asks the question if banning junk food will solve the problem of obesity. Teacher elicits other healthy habits. Teacher prints out pictures and distributes them between learners.


Healthy habits help people live longer. The correct sleep pattern, jogging in the morning, meditation, swimming at least twice a week and taking a break from the phone. It all sounds simple. But 80% of people don’t do even one of them. These good habits should be in every person.  To have a healthy nervous system, a person needs to get enough sleep. Swimming helps a person to relax the muscles of the body.  Meditation is very popular in our time, now many people practice meditation, because meditation helps a person to concentrate and collect his thoughts. Running in the morning is very helpful. Running improves blood circulation and lifts a person’s mood. Good health is the key to happiness.