СОР № 1 Английский язык 7 класс Clothes and Fashion

Английский язык - 7 класс, Русский 🇷🇺 4 четверть

Clothes and Fashion


Read your part of the text and write down at least 3 new words from it. After reading the text, retell it to your group members in details. While listening the following texts you should write unknown words from them.
Teacher divides learners into 3-4 groups and the text into 3-4 parts depends on amount of learners in the group.

Clothes For Important Days

Are you wearing your best clothes today? Maybe not. We wear good clothes at school, but we wear better clothes at parties or on important days. Weddings are very important days. In the photo of a wedding, the people are wearing beautiful clothes. They are made of an expensive fabric called silk. Wedding clothes are different in different countries, but one thing is the same everywhere-people wear their best clothes on the most important days.

Clothes For Every Day
In the past, clothes were often big and heavy. The old clothes above do not look very comfortable. Most people could not buy clothes made of light fabrics, like silk, because they were too expensive. There were no synthetic fabrics like nylon.
Today, our clothes are light and easy to wear. They are made quickly in big factories. Millions of clothes are made every day. Most people have lots of different clothes because they are cheaper now.

Staying Cool or Warm
We wear clothes because we want to be comfortable in hot or cold weather. In hot weather, tight clothes are uncomfortable. If we wear loose clothes, the air can move around our bodies and help us to stay cool. The men above live in a hot country. They are wearing long, white shirts called dishdashas. White clothes are cool in hot weather. The men’s turbans and scarves protect their heads from the sun.
In colder countries, people also cover their heads. In places where the winter is very cold, people wear hats made of wool or fur. Heat from the body stays in the wool or fur and keeps people warm.
Looking Good
How do we look good? People’s ideas about that have sometimes changed. About 400 years ago, people in Europe wore big white collars around their necks. You can see one in this painting of a woman from Holland. In Ancient China, yellow was the emperor’s color. Only the emperor could wear yellow clothes.
To look good today, men wear ties, and women wear scarves or jewelry. The head and neck have always been important in the design of clothes. When we meet people, we usually look at the top half of their body their face and their eyes.
Some people want to look rich and important. They buy expensive clothes made by famous designers. Presidents and politicians usually wear expensive clothes.



1. Clothes For Important Days (Wedding,silk, fabric )

2. Clothes For Every Day   ( heavy, above ,expensive)

3. Staying Cool or Warm   ( tight, turbans , scarves, wool , fur)

4. Looking Good     (Ancient,emperor, ties, scarf)