СОР № 1 Английский язык 8 класс The World of Work

Английский язык - 8 класс, Русский 🇷🇺 4 четверть

The World of Work


Tapescript Job 1 Well, you need to be good with people. I’d say that’s the most important thing. And you need to be really patient. You don’t need any qualifications except languages, of course. The more languages you speak, the better. The good side of the job is definitely the travelling. I’ve been able to get to know places I never dreamed of seeing, like Bali and Honolulu. And you meet a lot of nice people too. The bad side is that it’s not very well-paid. The salary is quite low compared to other jobs. And the job itself can sometimes be very stressful. There are nearly always problems – overbooking in hotels, flight delays, luggage that doesn’t arrive, people wanting to change the rooms and things like that. The worst experience I have ever had was this awful customer who spent at least two hours a day complaining to me, and always about the same things. He complained about the size of the swimming pool, then about the music in the restaurant, then about the food. Finally, he even locked me in his room one day to make me listen to his complaints. After that we paid for a plane ticket for him to go home a week early. He was the worst customer I’ve had.

Job2 I think the most important thing is that you have to love children, and be good at getting on with them. You do not need any qualifications, you just have to be able to speak a bit of English. The good side of the job is definitely the children. Although sometimes they are naughty or difficult, most of the time I really enjoy looking after them. And I have learned a lot of English talking to them and playing with them. I also have a lot of free time, so I can go to classes, or go out with my friends at night. The bad side is the parents of children. They are not friendly to me and they do not get on with each other. They are always arguing. I don’t like them. And I have to do a lot of housework. Too much. My worst experience was one night when the phone rang, and I picked it up and said “Hello?” It was a woman and she thought I was the children’s mother. She said, ‘I’m going to tell you everything. I’m in love with your husband!’ Then when I explained that I was only the au pair, she became completely hysterical! That evening, when the wife wasn’t there, I told her husband about the phone call. First he laughed and said it was a joke, but then he offered me more money. I didn’t accept it.


Job 1 is patient, know languages, loves traveling, and his job is not well-paid.

Job 2 is love children, has no qualifications, be able to get with childrens, and has bad side like his parents.