СОР № 1 Английский язык 10ЕМН класс Capabilities of Human Brain

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Capabilities of Human Brain


Read the text and decide whether the statements below true (T) or false (F)..

Being Bilingual Boosts Brainpower

A study by the USA’s Northwestern University provides biological evidence that people who are bilingual have a more powerful brain. DrsViorica Marian and Nina Kraus investigated how bilingualism affects the brain. They found that studying another language «fine-tunes» people’s attention span and enhances their memory. In particular they discovered that when language learners attempt to understand speech in another language, it activates and energises the brainstem – an ancient part of the brain. Professor Kraus stated: «Bilingualism serves as enrichment for the brain and has real consequences when it comes to attention and working memory.»
Professor Marian explained why studying and learning another language was so beneficial for the brain. She said: «People do crossword puzzles and other activities to keep their minds sharp, but the advantages we’ve discovered in dual language speakers come automatically simply from knowing and using two languages.» She added: «It seems that the benefits of bilingualism are particularly powerful and broad, and include attention, inhibition and encoding of sound.» She said bilinguals were better listeners because they are «natural jugglers» of sound. She said: «The bilingual juggles linguistic input and, it appears, automatically pays greater attention to relevant versus irrelevant sounds.»

1. A university said bilingual people have more powerful brains. T/F
2. Researchers say studying languages increases our ability to focus. T/F
3. Listening to other languages activates a newly-found part of the brain. T/F
4. The researchers say bilingualism enhances attention and memory. T/F
5. The study says bilingual people are better at crossword puzzles. T/F
6. Researchers say good things come automatically with bilingualism. T/F
7. The researchers said bilinguals are good at juggling different objects. T/F
8. A professor said bilinguals totally ignore irrelevant sounds. T/F

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