СОР № 1 Английский язык 10ЕМН класс Capabilities of Human Brain

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Capabilities of Human Brain


Read definitions of words, phrases and identify the words referring to the text.

1. A technique to view structures inside the brain, typically with X-rays or a magnetic resonance imaging (or MRI) machine. With MRI technology — especially the type known as functional MRI (or fMRI) — the activity of different brain regions can be viewed during an event, such as viewing pictures, computing sums or listening to music.
Answer: ___________ _____________

2. A network of that transmits electrical signals. In the body, nerve cells create circuits that relay electrical signals to the brain. In electronics, wires typically route those signals to activate some mechanical, computational or other function.
Answer: _______________

3. A term that relates to mental activities, such as thinking, learning, remembering and solving puzzles.
Answer: ______________

4. (fMRI) A special type of machine used to study brain activity. It uses a strong magnetic field to monitor blood flow in the brain. Tracking the movement of blood can tell researchers which brain regions are active. (See also, MRI or magnetic resonance imaging)
Answer: __________ ___________ ________________ _____________

5. The field of science that deals with the structure or function of the brain and other parts of the nervous system. Researchers in this field are known as neuroscientists.
Answer: ____________

6. The ability to hold something in the mind for a short period of time, such as a mental grocery list or a phone number.
Answer: _________ ____________


1brain scan
2 circuit
3 cognitive
4 functional magnetic resonance imaging
5 neuroscience
6 working memory