СОР № 1 Английский язык 10ЕМН класс Capabilities of Human Brain

Английский язык - 10ЕМН класс, Русский 🇷🇺 3 четверть

Capabilities of Human Brain


Warm ups:Encourage learners to share ideas with partners.
STRESS: Walk around the class and talk to other learners about stress. Change partners often. Sit with your first partner(s) and share your findings. CHAT: In pairs / groups, decide which of these topics or words from the article are most interesting and which are most boring.
reports / stressful / attitudes / feeling relaxed / management positions / vacation / information technology / de-stress / cut off contact / work remotely / switch off
Have a chat about the topics you liked. Change topics and partners frequently.
A. SYNONYM MATCH: Match the following synonyms from the article.
1. reveals a. major
2. questioned b. connected
3. attitudes c. de-stress
4. related d. surveyed
5. returning e. disconnected
6. main f. shows
7. cut off g. from afar
8. remotely h. totally
9. unwind i. opinions
10. fully j. coming back
B. PHRASE MATCH: (Sometimes more than one choice is possible.)
1. morestressful a. feelingrelaxed
2. attitudestowardslong b. unwind
3. come back from a holiday c. hundredsof e-mails
4. came back from a holiday more d. economy
5. returning to e. with work
6. the weakened global f. than working
7. cut off contact g. mode
8. Uncertain economic h. summer breaks
9. totally i. times
10. fully get into holiday j. stressed


1. reveals a. shows
2. questioned b. surveyed
3. attitudes c. opinions
4. related d. connected
5. returning e. coming back
6. main f. major
7. cut off g. disconnected
8. remotely h. from afar
9. unwind i. de-stress
10. fully j. totally
1. morestressful a. thanworking
2. attitudestowardslong b. summerbreaks
3. come back from a holiday c. feelingrelaxed
4. came back from a holiday more d. stressed
5. returning to e. hundreds of e-mails
6. the weakened global f. economy
7. cut off contact g. with work
8. uncertain economic h. times
9. totally i. unwind
10. fully get into holiday j. mode