СОР № 1 Английский язык 10ОГН класс Different ways of living

Английский язык - 10ОГН класс, Русский 🇷🇺 4 четверть

Different ways of living


Some people think that cities are best places to live. Others prefer to live in the rural area.

Write an essay stating your opinion which place is better to live in. — Explain advantages of living in a city / rural area — Divide your ideas into logical paragraphs — Develop arguments by providing further explanation and examples — Follow the structure of essay — Use linking words — Use topical vocabulary


Thinking about where it would be better to live: in the city or in the country, I immediately remember a well—known Russian proverb that says that it is good where we are not. Indeed, being in noisy, dusty Moscow, sometimes I really want to go to a remote quiet place. But once in nature and after a while feeling my isolation from people, I soon begin to hurry back again.

Why is this happening? I think both bustling urban and measured rural life have their pros and cons.
Village life is always very calm, there is no rush in it. People here are usually kinder, more cordial and simpler. They are in unity with nature and therefore most often feel very happy. For them, their native village is the best place in the world, and rural men go to the city only for the purpose of earning money.

A city dweller always feels like an outsider in the village. He certainly likes fresh air, clean water in the river and subsistence farming. But having had enough of all this, he seeks to go back, wanting to be in the epicenter of events again.

There are indeed more opportunities in the city than in the village. Life there is more interesting and diverse, but the ecology is worse, and, unfortunately, the relationship between people is also. Therefore, I think everyone should choose for himself the option that suits him best, taking into account all the pros and cons of urban and rural life. And if it is difficult to decide on preferences, as, for example, for me and my parents, then you can just have an apartment in the city and a cottage in the village.