СОР № 1 Английский язык 11ЕМН класс The clothes of chemistry

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The clothes of chemistry


Make a research on the topic ‘Technologies and equipments used in producing fabrics’ and write a summary of it.

Assessment criteria 1. Describe main similarities and differences of technologies and equipments used in producing fabrics 2. Connect coherently paragraphs of the text using a variety of connectors 3. Write complex and compound sentences with grammatical accuracy 4. Use topic related vocabulary


The fabric is made of yarn, which, in turn, is made of fiber. The quality of the fabric obtained at the output strongly depends on the characteristics of the fibers.
fibers are divided into natural and chemical, originating from natural raw materials or obtained as a result of chemical synthesis, for example, polymer fibers. The whole technology is conditionally divided into three stages:Spinning; Weaving;Finishing.
Fabric production requires a fairly rich production line. Let’s consider the main types of production equipment, without which the manufacture of woven products cannot be launched.
The machine processes flax fiber and makes ribbons from it, and the spinning machine allows you to get yarn with the necessary strength. The spinning machine can be temporary or timeless, the first, in turn, is divided into weft and main.