СОР № 1 Английский язык 11ЕМН класс The clothes of chemistry

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The clothes of chemistry


Choose one of the topics below to talk about issues related to clothes manufacturing. Have time to prepare your speech and find more information, if necessary.

Exposure to Toxic Chemicals Workers in the textile industry are exposed to dangerous chemicals. It’s part of the business if you work in the dyeing, printing or finishing sector of textiles. Employees work with solvents and fixatives, crease-resistance agents that release formaldehyde, flame retardants with toxic compounds, and antimicrobial agents. Exposure to formaldehyde has been linked to various types of cancer, including thyroid, nasal, stomach and esophageal cancers. The chemical can also cause eczema and dermatitis.

High Noise Levels Exposure to high levels of noise is common in textile factories, particularly those in developing countries where the machines are older are not as well maintained. This has caused hearing loss in many textile workers, and can also cause sleep disorders, changes in blood pressure, anxiety and other ailments. A study of textile workers in Nagpur, India revealed that 76.6 percent of them were at risk for hearing loss caused by noise in their work environment.

Waste in the Industry The textile industry is known for rampant waste of resources, especially water. Entire ecosystems have been polluted in the past, but modern companies are working toward a relatively cleaner way of doing business. The more progressive companies are reducing water consumption, changing the chemicals they use in dying processes and reusing water for two or more processes, all with a goal of reducing their impact on the local environment. While the stereotype of poor environmental practices in the textile industry focus on overseas production, American workers are subject to a lot of the same health risks in their own factories. While some companies are working to improve conditions, dangers still exist for a large number of textile workers.


Opinion and speech to the first text
I think it is impossible to avoid the disease, but this is not a reason to renounce the responsibility of employers. When there is a problem, you always need to offer your solution. This may help in the end, or even change something will turn out. I think we need to come up with a thing that employees will breathe with. and also install huge hoods to circulate the atmosphere in the room. This would help at least solve 45% of the problem and please the employees.

Opinion and speech to the second text
Firstly, it is sad that employers in many countries and cities do not care about the conditions that are offered to employees. Often because of this, unforeseen catastrophes, accidents, building decisions and the collapse of the lives and health of others happen. I think the state needs to make all laws stricter in all countries without exception. Because of the indifference of the state and rich people, millions of ordinary people suffer in order to feed their families. The people themselves run capitalism, but it can change people who really care.

Opinion and speech to the third text
I believe that every year people will stop consuming a lot of things and start taking care of our land. Now many people seem to have woken up from a long sleep and are acting for the benefit of society and the world. It is impossible to be silent about this. on the contrary, we should cover this problem as loudly as possible, then we can stop the poor conditions for workers, capitalism, etc.