СОЧ № Английский язык 9 класс

Английский язык - 9 класс, Русский 🇷🇺 4 четверть


You are given a card with a topic and questions to speak about for 2-3 minutes. Before you speak you have one minute to think about what you are going to say and you can make notes if you wish.

Card 1 — «Travel and Tourism» 1. Which countries would you like to visit? Why? 2. How can you experience culture when visiting a place? 3. Do you think you can truly understand a place and its people by visiting the tourist attractions? Why? / Why not? 4. Will it be possible to travel to other planets in the future?

Card 2 — «Travel and Tourism» 1. Where did you spend your last vacation? What did you do? 2. What’s the best way to travel? (by air, sea, rail, etc.)? 3. What are some advantages and disadvantages of travelling by ship? 4. What do you think how people will travel in the future?

Card 3 — «Travel and Tourism» 1. How important is tourism in your country? 2. What is the biggest tourist destination in your country? 3. What are the benefits of international tourism? 4. Are there any drawbacks of international tourism?

Card 4 — «Science and Technology» 1. Do you think that there is life on other planets? Explain. 2. Why do people explore space? 3. What is the current situation of space exploration in your country? 4. In your opinion, should money be spent on space exploration?

Card 5 — «Science and Technology» 1. Do you enjoy using technology? Why? Why not? 2. What is your favorite gadget? Why? 3. How does technology affect our everyday life? 4. In your opinion what changes might happen in the future with technology?

Card 6 — «Travel and Tourism» 1. What are the three most famous natural wonders in your country? 2. What natural wonders are in danger from climate change? 3. Should people be allowed to visit a natural wonder if the visitors hurt the natural wonder just by visiting it? 4. Would you rather visit natural wonders or manmade wonders?

Card 7 — «Science and Technology» 1. Do you enjoy using technology? 2. What kind of technological developments have made the biggest impact on our lives? 3. Do computers make it much easier to study? 4. Do you think that the rate of technological expansion will slow down in the future?

Card 8 — «Science and Technology» 1. How often do you take medicine? 2. How has medicine changed in the past hundred years? 3. How different would the world be without medicine? 4. What do you think the next revolution in medicine will be?



1.Tourism is very important in our country because it helps to our economics and strength friendship between in other country.

2.I think Turkistan region is the main route of tourism in our country, because we build new modern tall buildings and famous sights, places, entertainment centers.

3.The advantages of tourism is see very important for people because they will develop their culture.

4.no, because tourism is very cool and for tourism people learn more about other countries