СОЧ № Английский язык 10ЕМН класс

Английский язык - 10ЕМН класс, Русский 🇷🇺 1 четверть


Choose ONE topic and write an article.
Topic 1. Your school magazine is organising a competition for best articles among school learners. You have to write an article about latest scientific news. Your article should include the following information: — what exactly has happened; — the place where it occurred; — its potential effects/results.
Topic 2. Your school magazine is organising a competition for best articles among school learners. You have to write an article about a deadly natural disaster. Your article should include the following information: — the type of a natural disaster and its description; — the place where it occurred; — the description of its consequences.


A natural disaster can be defined as an uncontrollable extreme destruction that leads to environmental and financial damage and victims of the unprotected population. Sometimes events can be predicted with the help of special meteorological warning systems, and often they occur in the same geographical area, because they are associated with the climatic and physical characteristics of the region. For example, Florida is constantly suffering from tornadoes and hurricanes, and Japan – from earthquakes.

An earthquake occurs when tectonic earth plates move and violently shake the terrain. According to the Richter scale, the magnitude of earthquakes is measured from 1 to 10 points. The most powerful earthquake was recorded in 1960 in Chile, its magnitude was 9.5 points.

Volcanic eruptions occur when hot red magma erupts from the earth’s crust and flows out of the top of the volcano. It also emits volcanic ash into the air, harmful to the breathing of humans and animals.

A tsunami is a series of dangerous giant ocean waves, usually formed as a result of underground earthquakes. This natural disaster attacks the coast unexpectedly and often leads to thousands of deaths. The height of the waves can reach 30 meters.

Flooding is another natural disaster. Floods occur when the water level in rivers and seas becomes too high. Sometimes flash floods can wash away entire villages.A tornado is a huge column of swirling wind moving very fast and destroying houses, lifting people, animals and heavy objects into the air and throwing them down. Hurricanes and tornadoes are common in America and the Atlantic Ocean.

Landslides occur when the earth and rocks on the slopes become loose and water-containing and begin to descend from the hills and mountains.

People face big problems after disasters: water becomes contaminated, communications (electricity, telephone) are often damaged, most buildings and property are destroyed, agricultural crops are also damaged. Natural disasters are great tragedies for many countries and nations. They take a lot of human lives. Thousands of people remain homeless, without work. They need medical and psychological help.