СОЧ № Английский язык 11ЕМН класс

Английский язык - 11ЕМН класс, Русский 🇷🇺 3 четверть


Write “This I believe” essay. It should be an essay from your own life about your core values but it is NOT an opinion piece about social ideals. If it is difficult to start writing on your own topic, you may choose one from these statements:
1. It’s okay to be afraid… just don’t let your fears control you.
2. Do what you love to do.
3. It’s important to have friends that care.
4. Big dreams lead to big things.
5. Laugh every day!
Follow these guidelines:
Tell a real story about you: Be specific. Take your belief out of the ether and ground it in the events that have shaped your core values.
Consider moments when belief was formed, tested, or changed. Focus on one core belief.
Be positive: Write about what you do believe, not what you do not believe. Avoid statements of religious dogma.
Be personal: Make your essay about you; speak in the first person. Avoid speaking in the editorial “we.”


  1. Being afraid is normal, many people do not allow themselves to be afraid and appear strong and brave on other people. I believe that people should be themselves. Pretending to be someone and saying they are brave is wrong. To be afraid of the dark, to be alone with my thoughts, to be afraid to jump from a height and swim, that’s all. Naturally, even if I’m already an adult, I’m afraid of the dark and tall buildings. I think that this is not a shame at all and absolutely all people have their own fear. And it’s time for people to understand and accept that everyone can have fear.
    Fear is also a feeling that manifests itself in everyone. Also, fear can be completely different. People may think that your fear is simple and insignificant, but only notorious and insecure people think this way. And the right people near you or really close ones will always support you.
  2. Do what you love, always do what you love and what your heart tells you, Because no one likes to go to work, where he is humiliated and bullied. And no one likes when someone tells you what to do. Never work with those who treat you badly, so you need to respect yourself and do what your heart tells you. You must be able to listen to yourself, your mind. I had one bad experience at work where I felt terrible and tired and co-workers were toxic. And I quit this job. After some time, I got a cool job in a friendly team. The main thing is to respect yourself and treat yourself well. And everything will be fine.
  3. It is important to have friends who can support you at any time. You need to have friends who care about you and think of you only in a good way. who understand you. A friend should sincerely rejoice at your successes and sincerely be sad when you feel bad. A friend is a person you can trust with your life. Having a friend is great. My friend is a wonderful person. My friend is very smart and kind. I admire my cool friend. And I’m sure my friend thinks of me the same way. How lucky I am to have a best and close friend.
  4.  Big dreams lead to big accomplishments. Big dreams are always cool, but you need to be able to achieve goals and do it well. I think that not everyone can reach the finish line and do it perfectly in order to succeed.The one who succeeds must be a calm person, resisting all difficulties. I think that success lies in the head of a person. for each success look different. For some, success will wake up, but for some, success is just eating, so success is not something that always happens, earn a lot of money or buy a car. The word success can be taken in many different ways. And for me it is a success to become a good person.
  5.  A smile plays an important role in human life. A smile gives the impression that we are communicating with a cheerful and friendly person. It seems that he is open and positive towards us. But is it so, or may there be some secret motives behind it.Smiling is good. Others like to communicate with cheerful and lively people. The living are active, mobile people who like to participate in any undertaking and any activity. A smile radiates joy, and a happy person always tries to share his joy with society. Few people like to be sad and talk about topics that drive them into a depressive state. Almost everyone is looking for friends with a developed sense of humor and the ability to see positive aspects in everything.But, despite the above facts, a smile is the strongest weapon. Insidious, mean and crafty people often use a smile, benevolence for their own purposes. They are trying to gain the trust of the listener in order to extract some important information, get to significant personalities, harm someone.