СОЧ № Английский язык 11ЕМН класс

Английский язык - 11ЕМН класс, Русский 🇷🇺 4 четверть


You are graduating the school and want to enter the university, so you need to write a
personal statement.
 What are your academic achievements?
 What personal qualities (leadership skills, organizational skills, self-control, etc.) do you
 How will this university directly impact your future?


  1. I have the same A’s in all subjects. And I have excellent academic performance. I also took first places in various republican competitions.
  2. I have leadership qualities . I am also punctual and disciplined. Always calm and kind to the outside world.
  3. I think university is just one stage of study that will help you earn some money for a comfortable life. And it’s not necessary to study at uni to achieve a lot of success in life. The main thing is to understand and find what you love.