СОР № 1 Биология 6 класс Our countryside

Биология - 6 класс, Русский 🇷🇺 2 четверть

Our countryside


Learners work in pairs. Each pair gets a picture. Learners describe the picture
participating in the discussion equally. Give some time to learners to get ready with questions
to the picture.
Look at the picture. Make a 2-3-minutes talk asking and answering the questions. Participate in
the conversation equally. You have 1 minute to prepare.
Possible questions for discussion.
 What can you see on the picture?
 Is it a city or a country?
 How many animals can you see on the farm?
 Can you name some animals?
 What do people do in villages?
 Do you want to live in a village? Why? / Why not?



1. I can see on the picture farm whit some animals

2. I think this is country

3. (первая ) I see six animals

(вторая) I see nine animals

4. Yes , for example…

1) cow, pig , chicken , fox and horse

2) cow , sheep ,goat , rabbits , goose , pig and horse

5. I think they work on garden , and feed animals

6.I want to live in the village, because there is clean air. Most often, heavy physical exertion. the village has a beautiful view. Forests, lakes, fields are amazing and unimaginable places. A small house, a Russian stove, a wooden floor, a bench and a candle, and a bunch of kids in the house — that’s happiness:3
a village is of course its own vegetable garden. fresh produce from the garden is delicious and healthy.
you can breed different cattle
Cows, pigs, chickens — can bring money.
in general, life in the village is one huge plus))