СОР № 1 Английский язык 7 класс Healthy Habits

Английский язык - 7 класс, Русский 🇷🇺 4 четверть

Healthy Habits


Pre — writing activity.
Part 1. Look at some healthy habits pictures and brainstorm your ideas.

Part 2. Write down about 4 healthy habits you know:
Introduction: what healthy habits you know and what the most important are

Main body:
_________________ is good for your____________________ Example ___________makes better___________________ Example __________________ improves and you feel __________________Example  is good for your ___________________ Example ___________

Conclusion: give your own opinion why healthy habits are important in a human life.___________________



healthy food is good for you health.

Example: an apple contains many healthy vitamins and iron that improves health.

Body looks makes better on exertion.

Example: when running, the airways improve, muscles strengthen and endurance improves.

Health improves and you feel much better. Example: if you follow the daily rules for the type of drink every day 2 liters of water, you will see how your health is changing.

Good sleep is good for your condition.

Example: if you go to bed a wake up on time, the condition of the whole organism will improve.Conclusion: healthy habits are important, because without them everyone would just be too lazy to get up on time or eat healthy food.